The aim of this art exhibition is to raise funds for refugees living in Spain, to make their current situation visible in the context of the current migratory crisis in the European Union and to raise awareness of the richness of the diversity of the human race, which should not serve as a justification for the imposition of discriminatory barriers. The “Connecting Cultures” art exhibition has been inspired by the theme of SEIMUN (one of the largest MUN Simulations in Spain), held in Granada in May 2017.

Connecting Cultures, was born under the idea of “adaptability”, which meant to be able to adapt the exhibition to the different places we were going to bring it, to create impact in different ways depending of the context opportunities and situation:


The initiative was born in the framework of the South European International Model of United Nations (SEIMUN) in May last year in Granada, one of the most important United Nations simulations in the country, where the exhibition named after the motto of said edition. Where we began with 8 artists (8 countries represented) for the Opening event of the MUN Initiative, under the idea of “we do more than debate” aiming to go 1 step forward on the MUNs simulations and create impact with the main debate.


The second place where the exhibition was hosted was at the IE Business School of Madrid, with a “Solidarity Cocktail” where we introduced the exhibition to more than 200 participants, together with the IE Student Government, artists from different countries and CEAR raising awareness about refugees situation and where we had the chance to begin to sell copies. The presentation was in charge of Carlota CorzoAstrid Sabrina Bifulco and Angie Selzer. The following day, the exhibition continued at the “Christmas dinner” at the IE Business School of Madrid.


The third time, the exhibition was hosted at the “Real Casa de la Moneda” from Segovia, together with the IEU Creativity Center, there, we had the chance to make a press conference were we could raise more awareness about the project and the refugees situation through different media, we also had an opening solidarity cocktail speaking about the project and raising awareness with food and drinks provided by local SMEs. The exhibition continued at “La Real Casa de la Moneda” for one month.


The fourth exhibition venue was “Galería Arte Atlántica” in Coruña, in collaboration with Lions Club La Coruña Decano, showing how different non-profits can collaborate when there is a difficult situation to raise funds and awareness for another non-profit organization (CEAR) expert on the topic. The presentation of the exhibition included a cocktail that took place at the Atlantic Art Gallery, on Saturday, March 17. At the event, we were enjoyed the presence of several artists as Linda de Sousa, Adriana Zapisek and Czili.


The fifth place hosting the exhibition is the University of Castilla-La Mancha, campus of Ciudad Real, during month of April, this opening event will be very special, because it will count with the refugees participation speaking about their experiences and contributing to the project with the delivery of new paintings in representation of their countries. After this opening the exhibition will be open in order to raise more funds and professors from the University will develop exercises and projects in their classes with their students, related to the exhibition and the topic (Connecting Cultures & Refugees situation)


Last place in Spain, the exhibition comes back to Madrid, where it will be surrounding “The week of the Sustainable Development Goals” at the European University of Madrid as representation of the goal 17 and were we will be able to raise funds and awareness through our stand and were UNSA SPAIN will participate on a round table as SDG 17 representative with the project Connecting Cultures.



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