The member organizations of the Federation United Nations Student Association Spain (UNSA Spain) welcome Carlota Corzo Alvarez, new president of the Federation.

David J. K. Tofan, as predecessor of the new President and as representative of the W.I.R. member Association has welcomed Carlota Corzo as the new President of the National UNSA Spain Federation after the elections on Monday, August 15, 2016, where she was elected unanimously.

16 Ago. 2016.– David J. K. Tofan, former President of UNSA Spain, wanted to give Corzo Carlota Alvarez “a warm welcome and wish her good luck in the new and exciting phase that begins today as president of UNSA Spain.

“Carlota relies on the full disposal of the member organizations of the Federation to collaborate closely in the promotion and growth of international relations in Spain,” he adds.

UNSA Spain is the first Spanish initiative that aims to create a national network of enhanced cooperation between entities dedicated to international relations: simulations of the UN system, providing training to respect and promote the spirit of international relations, intercultural exchanges, as well as the alineation of their activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).