The United Nations

Our main focus is on the United Nations (UN), the largest, probably most important and complex International Organization in the world.

In recent decades, since the end of the Cold War, the UN lost its importance among a large part of the society in developed countries, although it has improved its online image by engaging more in Social Media. Such a huge system like the UN needs constant innovation and reform to adapt to the different changes in the world and to be able to reach local communities. In most cases there is a huge lack of interest or misinformation, which prevents people to be more involved in international cooperation and other activities.

That vacuum of information and uninterest in the UN, its activities and its benefits, are being challenged by UNSA Spain which intends to awaken the enthusiasm of young people in Spain.

The Harvard World Model United Nations – WorldMUN – is the global summit of all simulations on international relations. A proactive initiative that will unite people of different cultures and religions, with the ultimate goal of fostering a creative, global and sensitized mentality about all the challenges that the world offers.

Model United Nations (MUNs)

Model United Nations is a simulation of the sessions held by an organization in which students assume the role of diplomats or ambassadors representing various nations. Any school can organize its own Model United Nations. No permission is required.

For the theoretical knowledge and practical activities included in the training process and the participation in a Model United Nations, they also favor the participants knowledge and understanding of:

  • The concerns and hopes of people in different regions of the world.
  • The way how the work of the United Nations can improve the lives of the people who inhabit this planet.
  • The procedures and activities that regulate and make international cooperation.

Model United Nations helps students to train in techniques of persuasion, negotiation, writing and speaking, in an environment of tolerance and respect for diversity. It also supports participants understand that the best way to resolve conflict is through dialogue and negotiation, without ever resorting to violence.

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