As the current President of the Federation United Nations Student Association Spain (UNSA Spain), and as self-proclaimed Global-Citizen and Internationalist, I announce my will and desire that UNSA Spain and all its projects must be as objective, participatory and transparent as possible.

Everyone that is part of the team of the Federation plays a very important role, fostering a clear mission and vision that have the capacity to positively impact many generations to come.

It is for this reason that later this month, August 2016, I will yield my position as President of the Federation to someone trained and truly motivated to pursue the vision of UNSA Spain.

Our Objective

UNSA Spain wants to be a meeting point for everyone – individuals and institutions alike –, those interested in the United Nations and everything connected to it. In order to transmit and promote the spirit of International Relations and Model United Nations (MUN), the Federation is willing to develop, adapt and continuously meet all the proposals of its participants.

Within any organization are the people who really are the source of change and impact. And together, as a collaborative entity, as a national forum with a voice and a vote for all entities that are part of it, we are able to discover how to improve UNSA Spain in any aspect and especially how to arouse curiosity within the young people who will be part of our projects.

Get Involved!

We are ready to show the world that we are perfectly able to pursue and make reality an idea – a quite idealistic idea maybe, however, idealism is known to promote great historical happenings.

And I do not intend to exclude other people or entities who have not [yet] taken the step to participate in this huge initiative, UNSA Spain. Moreover, I have respect for their interest in preserving what they already know, protecting their members and followers; I wish them success in any of their intentions, while favoring mainly young people and the society. TOGETHER we seek to promote a progressive, real and impactful change in Spain and the world.

We wait with an open mind and we are prepared to learn and to improve together! All persons or entities that are interested in more information, please contact:

Thanks to everyone who is already part of this initiative, and thanks to those who will be part in the future, seeking the best for the youth, the society, Spain, Europe, and the world.

Best Regards,
David J. K. Tofan