The youth is looking for a decent future, creating a path to development and national collaboration.

In times of unemployment, loss of institutional faith, and a discontented and misinformed society, a group of young people began to build a road to prosperity and hope.

“Institutional systems hide many opportunities and benefits for any person or entity, but with endless and complex bureaucratic processes we get tired and begin to ignore the world around us. UNSA Spain wants to help new generations to get the benefits they deserve, and to become world citizens.” – UNSA Spain Director of Communication.

UNSA Spain, a National Federation formed in early June 2016, is the first Spanish initiative which aims to create a national network of enhanced cooperation between youth organizations engaged in simulations of the UN system, training and to promoting intercultural exchanges, as well as aligning its work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Innovating For Good, MUNCA, Sala Europa, TBS WAY, UCM-MUN, UNSA Andalucia, UNSA Granada, UNSA Malaga, UNSA Sevilla and World of International Relations (W.I.R.) are the founding entities of the Federation and they all seek to create a real and progressive impact in Spanish society through personal development and by sharing international experiences. They also seek collaboration with other organizations working in the area of youth.

The Importance of the UN

Its main focus is on the United Nations, the probably biggest, most important and most complex international organization in the world.

In recent years, the UN has improved its virtual image, even though losing its importance among local companies and communities in developed countries. Such a huge system like the UN needs constant innovation and reform to adapt to the different changes in the world and to reach local people. In most cases, there is a lack of interest or information for people to become more involved in international cooperation and other activities.

This lack of information and uninterest towards the UN, its activities and its benefits, is what UNSA Spain intends to awaken in young people in Spain.

Our Projects

One of its first projects is to promote interest the Program Spanish Youth Delegation to the United Nations for Spain.

This program offers the opportunity for young people to defend their rights and interests at national and international level, actively participating in global and intergovernmental processes of the UN system and other entities.

The project was initiated by the United Nations Association of Spain (ANUE), brought to the fore front of our agenda by the Spanish Association W.I.R. The programme is being promoted by the Federation UNSA Spain and developed in collaboration with other institutions and youth groups.

UNSA Spain promotes the program itself and is responsible for the online distribution and representation to inform young Spaniards about the program, its aspects and developments. In addition, once implemented, it will also be involved in the process of recruitment and training of youth representatives.

A Prosperous Future

Although the Federation has been recently created, all the characteristics needed to have a big impact are fulfilled: a great team with experience, diverse and coherent representation in several regions, and a lot of passion and motivation, the essence and the engine that are necessary to accomplish our objetives.

“These young people [involved in the Federation] really pursue their dreams”, […], “we work for young people out there; those who really want to learn and have an impact.” – UNSA Spain Director of Human Resources